Volume 1, Issue 1, May 2011 (BibTex)
Cloud Computing

pp. 1-3
Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Cloud Computing                                                                     
Malek Ben Salem, Bu-Sung Lee, Francis and Jie Zhang

pp. 4-17
Towards Secure Cloud Computing Architecture
- A Solution Based on Software Protection Mechanism -                                                           
Kazuhide Fukushima, Shinsaku Kiyomoto and Yutaka Miyake

pp. 18-36
Developing Collaborative Applications with Mobile Cloud - 
A Case Study of Speech Recognition                                                                                             
Yu-Shuo Chang and Shih-Hao Hung

pp. 37-45
An Intelligent Capacity Planning Model for Cloud Market                                                          
Shifeng Shang, Bo Wang, Jinlei Jiang, Yongwei Wu and Weimin Zheng

pp. 46-58
Self-aware Services of NGSDP:Using Bayesian Networks 
for Measuring Quality of Convergent Services                                                                            
Zhi Luo, Junping Wang and Qiliang Zhu

pp. 59-69
Cloud-based Semantic Service-Oriented Content Provisioning Architecture 
for Mobile Learning                                                                                                                              
Keng Y. Yee, Yilun Chia, Flora S. Tsai, Ang Wee Tiong 
and Rajaraman Kanagasabai

Regular Papers
pp. 70-85
Analyzing Response Time of Batch Signing                                                                                  
Turgay Korkmaz and Suleyman Tek

pp. 86-102
Extending Formal Analysis of Mobile Device Authentication                                                     
William Claycomb and Dongwan Shin

Sponsored by
Database and Network Security lab. at Tunghai University, Taiwan
(directed by Prof. Fang-Yie Leu, http://dblab.csie.thu.edu.tw).

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