Volume 3, Issue 1/2, February 2013 (BibTex)
Advances in Internet Security and Technology
Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Advances in Internet Security and Technology
Baokang Zhao, Chunqing Wu, and Qin Xin

Lattice Based Forward-Secure Identity Based Encryption Scheme with Shorter Ciphertext                                                          
Kunwar Singh, C. Pandurangan, and A.K.Banerjee

pp. 20-36 (10.22670/JOWUA.2013.02.31.020)
Geocast Routing Protocols for VANETs: Survey and Geometry-Driven Scheme Proposal
Salim Allal and Saadi Boudjit

pp. 37-48 (10.22670/JOWUA.2013.02.31.037)
Energy-based Performance Evaluation of Various Routing Protocols in Infrastructure-less Opportunistic Networks
Sanjay Kumar Dhurandher, Deepak Kumar Sharma, and Isaac Woungang

A context-aware architecture for IPTV services personalization
Marek Dabrowski, Justyna Gromada, Hassnaa Moustafa, and Jacky Forestier

pp. 71-82 (10.22670/JOWUA.2013.02.31.071)
DHR-CCN, Distributed Hierarchical Routing for Content Centric Network
Liang Sun, Fei Song, Dong Yang, and Yajuan Qin

Enabling Resource-Aware Ubiquitous Applications for Personal Cloud with a Pairing Device Framework
Liang (Ben) Chen and Maria Prokopi

An Anti-Money Laundering Methodology:
Financial Regulations, Information Security and Digital Forensics Working Together
Denys A. Flores, Olga Angelopoulou, Richard J. Self

Efficient Certificateless Online/Offline Signature with tight security
S. Sharmila Deva Selvi, S. Sree Vivek, Vivek Krishna Pradhan, and C. Pandu Rangan

This special issue is financially supported by the Institute of Computer Networks and Information Security, School of Computer Science, National University of Defense Technology, and the grants of the National Basic Research Program of China (973 project) under Grant No.2009CB320503, 2012CB315906; and supported by Program for Changjiang Scholars and Innovative Research Team of the Ministry of Education (pNetwork Technologyq, NUDT), the Innovative Research Team of Hunan Province (pNetwork Technologyq, NUDT), the Innovative Research Team of Hunan Provincial natural science foundation of CHINA (11JJ7003).

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