Volume 3, Issue 3/4, November 2013 (BibTex)

pp. 1-16
Distributed Capability-based Access Control for the Internet of Things                                                          
José L. Hernández-Ramos, Antonio J. Jara, Leandro Marín, and Antonio F. Skarmeta

pp. 17-27
A New Exponentiation Algorithm Resistant to Combined Side Channel Attack
Hyungdong Kim, Yongje Choi, Dooho Choi, and Jaecheol Ha

pp. 28-37
Detecting Web based DDoS Attack using MapReduce operations in Cloud Computing Environment
Junho Choi, Chang Choi, Byeongkyu Ko, Dongjin Choi, and Pankoo Kim

pp. 38-51
Lattice Based Identity Based Proxy Re-Encryption Scheme
Kunwar Singh, C Pandu Rangan and A.K. Banerjee

pp. 52-62
Externalizing Behaviour for Analysing System Models
Marieta Georgieva Ivanova, Christian W. Probst, René Rydhof Hansen, and Florian Kammüller

pp. 63-71
Detection and prevention of LeNa Malware on Android
Hwan-Taek Lee, Minkyu Park, and Seong-Je Cho

pp. 72-80
A New Logging-based IP Traceback Approach using Data Mining Techniques
Ho-Seok Kang and Sung-Ryul Kim

pp. 81-93
Guidelines for the Prevention of Internal Improprieties in Japanese Organization
Shigeyoshi SHIMA and Ayako KOMATSU

pp. 94-105
DRM Cloud Architecture and Service Scenario for Content Protection
Hyejoo Lee, Changho Seo, and Sang Uk Shin

pp. 106-115
Constructing Verifiable Random Number in Finite Field
Jun Ye, Xiaofeng Chen, and Jianfeng Ma

pp. 116-123
DGA-Based Botnet Detection Using DNS Traffic
Yong-lin Zhou, Qing-shan Li, Qidi Miao, and Kangbin Yim

pp. 124-135
A Fuzzy-based Trust Management in WSNs
Guowei Wu, Zuosong Liu, Lin Yao, Zhenzhen Xu, and Wei Wang

pp. 136-145
Vulnerability to Flash Controller for Secure USB Drives
Jaein Kim, Youngjun Lee, Kyungroul Lee, Taeyoung Jung, Dmitry Volokhov, and Kangbin Yim

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