Volume 4, Issue 4, November 2014 (BibTex)

pp. 1-13
Visual Analytics of E-mail Sociolinguistics for User Behavioural Analysis                                                          
Philip Legg, Oliver Buckley, Michael Goldsmith, and Sadie Creese

pp. 14-24
A Grid System Detecting Internal Malicious Behaviors at System Call Level
Fang-Yie Leu and Yi-Ting Hsiao

pp. 25-37
Open Source Software Detection using Function-level Static Software Birthmark
Dongjin Kim, Seong-je Cho, Sangchul Han, Minkyu Park, and Ilsun You

pp. 38-51
Power Analysis Attacks on the Right-to-Left Square-Always Exponentiation Algorithm
Jaecheol Ha, Yongje Choi, Dooho Choi, and Hoonjae Lee

pp. 52-70
A Cooperative Trust Bit-Map Routing Protocol Using the GA Algorithm 
for Reducing the Damages from the InTs in WANETs
Hsing-Chung Chen and Hui-Kai Su

pp. 71-81
A Method for Hiding Link Layer Addresses Using Bloom Filter in Wireless Sensor Networks
Sangho Park, Jihyun Bang, Mirim Ahn, Woomin Lee, and Taekyoung Kwon

pp. 82-90
Face Recognition Performance Comparison of Fake Faces with Real Faces in Relation to Lighting
Mi-Young Cho and Young-Sook Jeong

pp. 91-102
Integrated Data Model Development Framework for the Architecture Descriptions
Mye Sohn, Saerom Kang, and Hyun Jung Lee 

pp. 103-114
Malware Similarity Analysis using API Sequence Alignments
In Kyeom Cho, TaeGuen Kim, Yu Jin Shim, Haeryong Park, Bomin Choi, and Eul Gyu Im

pp. 115-126
Multiple Device Login Attacks and Countermeasures of Mobile VoIP Apps on Android
Su Wan Park and Jeong Hyun Yi

pp. 127-137
Towards a User and Role-based Sequential Behavioural Analysis Tool for Insider Threat Detection
Ioannis Agrafiotis, Philip Legg, Michael Goldsmith, and Sadie Creese

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